Hillsdale County Inmate Search By Name – 2024

Hillsdale County Inmate Search is a tool or service provided by Hillsdale County or its law enforcement agencies that allows the public to look up information about individuals who are currently held in the Hillsdale County Jail.

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Hillsdale County Jail – General Information

Jail NameHillsdale County Jail
Jail TypeCounty Jail
Location165 W. Fayette St, Hillsdale, MI 49242
Contact Numbers(517) 437-7317
Postal Code49242
CountyHillsdale County
Official Websiteco.hillsdale.mi.us

Hillsdale County Inmate Jail Roster Search

Here’s how to find the jail roster:

  • Visit the Hillsdale County Sheriff’s Office website.
  • Click on “JailTracker” in the top menu.
  • After that a link will open after agreeing to its conditions ‘Click here to search for offenders in your area.
  • Enter the first name and last name.
  • Enter the relevant details in the search bar and click on ‘Search‘. The system will display matching results.
Hillsdale County Inmate Jail Roster Search

websites offer similar information about the inmates, which may include:

  • Booking Number
  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Release Date (if applicable)
  • Criminal Charges
  • Arrest Date

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Visiting an Inmate at Hillsdale County Jail

Visiting someone in Hillsdale County Jail is important for keeping their spirits up and staying connected with the outside world. Here’s how you can arrange a visit:

  • Check if the Inmate Can Have Visitors: Make sure the person you want to visit is allowed to have visitors. Sometimes there are rules because of how they behave or because of legal stuff.
  • Sign Up to Visit: You might need to sign up before you visit. This could mean giving your information and saying who you want to visit. Look on the official website to find out more.
  • Plan Your Visit: Visits are usually planned to keep things organized and safe. How you plan your visit might be different, so look on the official website or call the jail to find out what to do.

Here are the rules you need to follow when you visit:

  • Bring a valid photo ID with you.
  • They might search you before you go in.
  • Leave your bags, purses, and phones outside the visiting area.
  • Wear clothes that are okay. Don’t wear clothes that show too much or have bad words or pictures.
  • If you act badly, they might stop your visit and not let you visit again.

Inmate Call

In Hillsdale County Jail, inmates can call out using a special phone system. This helps them talk to their families and lawyers.

Here are some rules about the phone system:

  • Inmates can make calls out, but they can’t get calls in.
  • All calls are watched and recorded, except for when they’re talking to their lawyer.
  • Calls usually can’t be too long, so everyone gets a turn.
  • If someone uses the phone system badly, like by threatening someone, they might not be allowed to use the phone anymore.

Inmate Mail

Here’s how you send a letter to someone in jail:

  • Write Your Letter: Make sure your letter follows the jail’s rules. If it doesn’t, they might not give it to the person.
  • Address the Envelope: Write the inmate’s full name and booking number on the envelope, along with the jail’s address.

[Inmate’s Full Name] [Booking Number] Hillsdale County Jail 165 W Fayette St, Hillsdale, MI 49242

  • Send the Mail: Put a stamp on the envelope and mail it using the U.S. Postal Service. Remember, they check all mail before giving it to the inmate.

Sending Money to Inmates

Here are the ways you can send money:

  • Online: Go to the jail’s approved website for sending money. You’ll need to know the inmate’s booking number and last name. Sometimes, there’s a fee for this service.
  • Mail: You can send a money order directly to the jail. Don’t send cash or personal checks. Make sure the money order is made out to the inmate and has their booking number on it.
  • In-Person: Some jails let you give money orders or cashier’s checks in person. Check the jail’s rules to see if they allow this.

Hillsdale Inmate Search Sheriff’s Department

Official Address:
165 W. Fayette St.
Hillsdale, MI 49242

Official Phone Number: (517) 437-7317
Toll-free: (800) 437-7317

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