Buena Vista County Inmate Search By Name – 2024

Buena Vista County Inmate Search Jail in Storm Lake, Iowa, is a safe place where people wait for their trial or serve short sentences. It’s run by the Buena Vista County Sheriff’s Office and helps keep the community safe.

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Buena Vista County Jail – General Information

Jail NameBuena Vista County Jail
Jail TypeCounty Jail
Location411 Expansion Blvd, Storm Lake, IA 50588
Contact Numbers(712) 749-2530
Postal Code50588
CountyBuena Vista County
Official Websitebvsheriff.com

Buena Vista County Inmate Jail Roster Search

Here’s how to find the roster:

The list gives you a lot of details about the inmates in the jail. Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Booking Number
  • Last Name, First Name
  • Reason Booked
  • ID Number
  • Bond
  • Age, Sex

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Visiting an Inmate at Buena Vista County Jail

Staying in touch with people outside is important for inmates at Buena Vista County Jail. Visits from family and friends are encouraged, but there are rules to follow to keep things orderly and safe.

How to Arrange a Visit:

  • Check if the inmate can have visitors by looking at the inmate roster.
  • Schedule the visit by calling the jail’s visitation department or using their online system if they have one. Book at least a day ahead.
  • Show up early on the visit day, at least 15 minutes before, for security checks.

Rules for Visits:

  • Bring a valid ID, like a driver’s license or passport.
  • They might check you and your stuff before the visit. If you don’t agree, they might cancel your visit.
  • Dress right according to the jail’s rules. Clothes that show too much or are rude might not be allowed.
  • Be good during the visit. If you’re causing trouble, they might end the visit and stop you from coming back in the future.

Inmate Call

Aside from visits, inmates at the correction facility can talk to people outside using the inmate call system. Inmate Call System and Rules:

  • Inmates can’t get calls, but they can make calls to family, friends, or lawyers.
  • Calls might be checked and recorded, except for talks with lawyers.
  • Inmates need to buy phone time using money in their account. People outside can add money to their account.
  • The cost for these calls is set by the phone service provider, not the jail.
  • To add money to an inmate’s account, you can use the phone service provider’s website or call their customer service.

Inmate Mail

How to Send a Letter to an Inmate:

  • Write Your Letter: Write your letter and make sure it follows the jail’s mail rules.
  • Address the Envelope: On the envelope, write the inmate’s full name, booking number, and the jail’s address like this:

[Inmate’s Full Name][Booking Number]
Buena Vista County Jail
411 Expansion Blvd, Storm Lake, IA 50588

  • Send the Mail: Once you’ve addressed it correctly, you can mail the letter using the postal service.

Sending Money to Inmates

Ways to Send Money:

  • Online Deposits: The easiest way is to do it online through the jail’s service provider. Just have the inmate’s name and booking number ready.
  • Mail: You can also send a money order by mail. Don’t forget to write the inmate’s name and booking number on it.
  • In-Person Deposits: At some jails, you can go in person to the lobby and deposit money at a kiosk.

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Buena Vista County Sheriff’s Department

Official Address: 411 Expansion Blvd, Storm Lake, IA 50588
Official Phone Number: (712) 749-2530

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