Clinton County Inmate Search By Name – 2024

Clinton County Inmate Search Jail in Ohio is a strong detention center for inmates. It keeps the Community safe and follows the law. It treats Inmates fairly and helps them get ready to Come back to society.

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Clinton County Jail – General Information

Jail NameClinton County Jail
Jail TypeCounty Jail
Location1645 Davids Drive, Wilmington, Ohio 45177
Contact Numbers(937) 382-1611
Postal Code45177
CountyClinton County

Clinton County Inmate Jail Roster Search

There are a couple of ways to search for the Clinton County Inmate Jail Roster:

  • Clinton County Sheriff’s Office Website: This website allows you to view a current list of inmates incarcerated at the Clinton County Jail. The roster includes booking mugshots, booking dates, charges, and bond information for each inmate.
  • Phone Inquiry: You can also call the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office at (937) 383-4813 or (937) 383-3292 to inquire about a specific inmate.

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Visiting an Inmate at Clinton County Jail

At the Clinton County Jail, inmates can have visits, but there are strict rules to follow, and visits can only happen during certain times.

To arrange a visit:

  • Check if the inmate you want to visit is at the jail.
  • Register online before you go.
  • Pick a time for your visit that fits with the jail’s schedule.
  • Show up on time for your visit. If you’re late, you might not be able to visit.

Here are the basic rules for visits:

  • Bring a valid ID with your photo on it.
  • Don’t wear anything or act in a way that’s not appropriate, or you might not be allowed to visit.
  • They might search you before you go in.
  • Usually, you can’t bring things like cell phones, cameras, or other electronic stuff inside.

Inmate Call

You can talk to inmates at the Clinton County Jail using a special phone system. Here’s how it works:

  • Inmates can call out during specific times. They usually use a system from another company.
  • Inmates or someone outside has to pay before they can talk.
  • They can’t get calls from outside.
  • They might only be able to talk for a certain amount of time so everyone gets a turn.
  • The jail might listen in on and record the calls, except if they’re talking to their lawyer.

Inmate Mail

At the Clinton County Jail, inmates can get letters from their loved ones, but there are rules to keep everyone safe.

Here’s how to send a letter:

  • Make sure the inmate is still at the jail by checking online.
  • Write the address the right way.
  • Address the envelope like this:

[Clinton County Jail]
[Inmate Name & Inmate ID#]
1645 Davids Drive
Wilmington, Ohio 45177

  • The jail staff will check the letters for anything they’re not allowed to have. So, only send stuff that follows the jail’s rules.

Sending Money to Inmates

Inmates sometimes need money to buy things while they’re in jail. You can send money to them using a safe outside company. Here are the ways you can send money:

  • Online: Make an account with the company that’s approved by the jail. Then, you can send money straight to the inmate’s account.
  • Money Orders: You can also send a money order by mail to some jails.
  • Phone: Some companies let you add money to the inmate’s account over the phone.
  • Kiosk: If there’s one at the jail, you might be able to put money in the inmate’s account using a machine in the lobby.

Clinton County Sheriff’s Department

Physical Address:
1645 Davids Drive
Wilmington, Ohio 45177

Phone: (937) 382-1611
Fax: (937) 382-7530

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