Denton County Jail Inmate Search By Name – 2024

Denton County Jail Inmate Search is in Denton, Texas. It’s managed by the Denton County Sheriff’s Office and has different parts, like a regular jail and a pre-trial facility. A top officer, the Jail Administrator, oversees how it runs, making sure it’s safe and inmates are taken care of.

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Denton County Jail – General Information

Jail NameDenton County Jail
Jail TypeCounty Jail
Location127 N. Woodrow Lane Denton, TX 76205
Contact Numbers940-349-1600
Postal Code76205
CountyDenton County

Denton County Inmate Jail Roster Search

To find an inmate in Denton County, Texas, you have a few options:

  • Visit the Denton County Sheriff’s Office website.
  • Click on the “Jail Record” link.

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Visiting an Inmate at  Denton County Jail

Visiting someone at Denton County Jail is important for inmates and their loved ones. To make visits go smoothly, the jail has rules and specific times for visiting.

How to Visit:

  • To visit, you need to sign up online with HomeWav.
  • This system handles both in-person and remote visits.
  • You must schedule in-person visits at least a day before, and they’re only available on Saturdays. Inmates can arrange remote visits without scheduling beforehand, giving them some flexibility.
  • This setup makes sure visits follow the jail’s rules and run smoothly.

Rules for Visits:

  • There are rules to follow during visits to keep everyone safe and respectful.
  • Visitors have to dress appropriately and can’t wear clothes that are too revealing or tight.
  • When entering, visitors might get checked.
  • Only three visitors are allowed per visit, with a maximum of two adults.
  • It’s important not to arrive more than 10 minutes before the scheduled visit.
  • Inmates in trouble might not be able to have visitors for free.
  • There are also rules about how visitors should behave and what they can bring – no weapons or electronic gadgets allowed.
  • These rules help keep the visits respectful and secure.

Inmate Call

  • At Denton County Jail, HomeWAV is the main way inmates talk to their loved ones.
  • This system lets them have phone calls and send video messages. To use it, family and friends need to sign up and put money into their HomeWAV account online or through mobile apps.
  • Once they’ve done that, they can start making calls or sending videos to the inmates.
  • For more info on signing up and using HomeWAV, check out their website.

Inmate Mail

  • Getting and sending mail is important for inmates at Denton County Jail. It helps them stay connected to the outside world and get support.
  • Mail is a big help for inmates to feel supported, keep relationships strong, and deal with legal stuff.
  • Inmate postal mail that is privileged, legal mail shall be sent to the following address:

[Inmate’s full name, booking number]
Denton County Jail
127 North Woodrow Ln. Denton, TX 76205

Sending Money to Inmates

There are different ways to put money into an inmate’s account:

  • Online Deposits: Friends and family can use CorrectPay’s website to deposit money online. It’s easy and can be done from anywhere with internet.
  • VendEngine Kiosk: There’s a machine in the jail lobby by VendEngine where you can deposit money in person if you prefer.
  • Phone Deposits: If you can’t go online or visit the jail, you can call CorrectPay at 940-349-1600 any time. They’re open 24/7, so it’s convenient.
  • Mobile App Deposits: CorrectPay has mobile apps for iPhones and Android phones. You can download these apps from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and deposit money straight from your phone.

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DentonCounty Sheriff’s Department

Official Address: 127 N. Woodrow Lane Denton, TX 76205

Phone: 940-349-1600
Fax: 940-349-1604
Additional Phone: 972-434-5500
Additional Fax: 972-434-5020

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