Gillespie County Inmate Search By Name – 2024

Gillespie County Inmate Search, or the Gillespie County Correctional Facility, is a new jail found in Fredericksburg, Gillespie County, Texas. It’s where they keep adults who have been arrested for breaking local, state, or federal laws. The sheriff of Gillespie County looks after the jail. It’s a place where they hold people for a short time until they either get let go or sent to bigger prisons.

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Gillespie County Jail – General Information

Jail NameGillespie County Jail
Jail TypeCounty Jail
Location104 Industrial Loop, Fredericksburg, TX 78624
Contact Numbers830-990-8793
Postal Code78624
CountyGillespie County

Gillespie County Inmate Jail Roster Search

The Gillespie County Jail has a website where you can search for inmates online. Here’s how:

  • Go to the official Gillespie County Sheriff’s Office website.
  • Look for “Online Records Search” under “Quick Links” on the left side of the homepage.
  • Enter the inmate’s name or booking number (if you know it) in the provided fields.
  • Click “Search” to start the search.
  • You’ll get a list of inmates that match the info you entered.
Gillespie County Inmate Jail Roster Search

Gillespie County Jail maintains a roster of all offenders currently incarcerated within its facility. The roster provides detailed information about each offender, including:

  • Booking Number
  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Release Date (if applicable)
  • Criminal Charges

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Visiting an Inmate at Gillespie County Jail

Arranging a Visit:

  • Schedule a Visit: Call ahead to the Gillespie County Jail to set up a visit. The visit times and rules might change based on the day and how secure the jail is.
  • Bring ID: When you get to the jail, bring a valid ID like a driver’s license or passport.
  • Dress Right: Dress properly for the visit. If you wear something inappropriate, they might not let you visit.
  • Leave Items Behind: Don’t bring things like phones, cameras, weapons, or food and drinks with you.

Rules for Visits:

  • Behave: Be polite and follow the rules during your visit. If you cause trouble, they might end your visit early.
  • No Touching: You can’t touch the people you’re visiting. Keep a safe distance.
  • No Bad Stuff: Don’t bring drugs, weapons, money, or anything risky with you.
  • Searches: They might check you and your things before and after your visit.

Inmate Call

  • Telephone Calls: People in the Gillespie County Jail can call approved people. They use a prepaid system, so they need money in their account to make calls.
  • Limits: The jail might limit how many calls someone can make and how long they can talk. They might also listen to or record calls to keep things safe.
  • Call Times: Inmates can usually make calls at certain times, but it might change depending on the jail’s schedule.

Inmate Mail

Sending Mail to an Inmate:

  • Address: When you send mail to someone in the Gillespie County Jail, use this format:

[Inmate’s Name] Gillespie County Jail [Inmate’s Housing Unit] 114 E. Austin St. Fredericksburg, TX 78624

  • What You Can Send: Inmates can get letters, postcards, photos, and legal papers in the mail. But the jail staff will check everything.
  • What You Can’t Send: Don’t send stuff like drugs, weapons, money, or anything risky. It’s not allowed.

Sending Money to Inmates

Ways to Send Money:

  • Online: You can use a safe online service to send money to an inmate. Just use a credit or debit card.
  • Money Order: Buy a U.S. Postal Money Order and send it to the jail. Make it out to the Gillespie County Jail Inmate Trust Fund.

Gillespie County Sheriff’s Department

Official Address:
104 Industrial Loop
Fredericksburg, TX 78624

Official Phone Number: 830-990-8793

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