Guadalupe County Inmate Search By Name – 2024

Guadalupe County Inmate Search in Texas is a place where lawbreakers are kept. It’s in Seguin and run by the Guadalupe County Sheriff’s Office. They keep people there who are serving short jail time, waiting for their trial, or waiting to go to another jail. The jail focuses on keeping everyone safe, making sure things are in order, and helping inmates behave better.

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Guadalupe County Jail – General Information

Jail NameGuadalupe County Jail
Jail TypeCounty Jail
Location2617 N. Guadalupe Street, Seguin, TX 78155
Contact Numbers(830) 303-4188
Postal Code78155
CountyGuadalupe County

Guadalupe County Inmate Jail Roster Search

Use Guadalupe County Inmate Search jail records search online to help you find Guadalupe County inmates.

  • You can look up Guadalupe County inmates online using their jail records search.
  • To find someone fast, just pick ‘Jail Records’, type in their name, and click ‘submit’.
  • You’ll see info like where they’re held, their photo, why they were arrested, what they’re charged with, their bail amount, and the type of bail.
  • If you can’t find the inmate you’re looking for, reach out to Guadalupe County jail for assistance.

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Visiting an Inmate at Guadalupe County Jail

It’s really important for inmates to stay connected with their family and friends for their mental health. In the Guadalupe County Jail, they allow visits during certain times, but there are strict rules.

To set up a visit:

  • Each inmate can have a set number of visits each week. They have to tell the jail who they want to visit.
  • If you’re on the inmate’s visitor list, call the Guadalupe County Jail to plan your visit. But remember, visits are usually scheduled in the order they’re requested.
  • Be on time for your visit. If you’re late, your visit might be shorter or canceled.

Rules for visiting:

  • Everyone visiting needs to show a valid photo ID from the government.
  • Kids have to come with an adult.
  • If you don’t follow the rules or act badly, your visit could end early.
  • The jail staff can search you and might not let you in if they think it’s necessary.

Inmate Call

  • The Guadalupe County Jail has a special phone system for inmates to make calls. Usually, these calls are collect calls, which means the person getting the call has to pay for it.
  • Remember, all calls from the jail are recorded and checked for safety reasons. And inmates can’t get calls from outside the jail.

Inmate Mail

Besides visits and calls, sending mail is another good way to talk to someone in the Guadalupe County Jail. But there are rules you need to follow to make sure your mail gets to them.

How to Send Mail to an Inmate:

  • Write your letter or pack your package following the rules below.
  • Put the inmate’s full name and booking number on the envelope like this:

[Inmate’s Full Name and Booking Number]
Guadalupe County Jail
2617 North Guadalupe Street, Seguin, TX 78155

  • Send the mail using the United States Postal Service.

Sending Money to Inmates

Inmates can get money to use for buying extra stuff like food and toiletries. Ways to Send Money:

  • Money Orders: You can send a money order right to the jail, with the inmate’s name and booking number on it.
  • Online Services: There are some websites like JPay, Access Corrections, and Western Union where you can put money straight into the inmate’s account. Just know, they might charge a little fee for this.
  • Jail Kiosk: Some jails have a machine in the lobby where you can put money directly into the inmate’s account.

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Guadalupe County Sheriff’s Department

2617 N. Guadalupe Street
Seguin, TX 78155

Official Phone Number: (830) 303-4188
24-Hour: 830-379-1224
Phone Number: 830-303-5241
Fax Number: 830-372-5408

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