Lasalle County Jail Inmate Search By Name – 2024

Lasalle County Jail Inmate Search refers to online and offline resources available to find information about people currently detained in the La Salle County Jail, Illinois. 

Performing an inmate search can help you find details like arrest records, mugshots, visitation rules, charges, bail amounts, and more.

Here, you can enter the inmate’s First Name and Last Name and click the search button and you can visit the website of the Lasalle County Sheriff’s Office and go to the “Inmate Search” section.

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Lasalle County Jail – General Information

Jail NameLasalle County Jail
Jail TypeCounty Jail
Location707 E Etna Road, Ottawa, IL 61350
Contact Numbers(815) 433-2161
Postal Code61350
CountyLasalle County

Lasalle County Inmate Jail Roster Search

To make it easy to find inmates, the detention center has an online search tool. This part explains how to do an inmate search And what information you can get from the jail roster.

  • Go to The official Lasalle County Jail website.
  • Choose “Inmate search.”
  • Type in the inmate’s info in the search bar. It works better if you have specific details.
  • Click “Search.”
  • Look through The list of inmates that match your search.
  • If you are unable to find the inmate online, you can call the detention facility at (815) 433-2161 for assistance.

Visiting an Inmate at Lasalle County Jail

Family and friends play an important role in helping inmates get better. To make this easier, Lasalle County Jail has set visiting times and rules.

  • Before you go for a visit, make sure to check the jail’s website for the rules, hours, and if the inmate is allowed visits.
  • Everyone who wants to visit needs to sign up and plan.
  • You can do this online or by calling the jail.
  • When you get to the jail, bring a valid ID with your photo on it.
  • They’ll check you for security.
  • If anything or anyone seems risky, they won’t let them in.


Visitation Hours

The times when you can visit may be different, and they could change. This depends on where the inmate is And what’s happening at the jail. To be sure About the visit hours, check the jail’s website or call them at (815) 433-2161 for the latest And accurate info.

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Inmate Communication

ways to interact are Available to help inmates maintain contact with their loved ones.

Inmate Call

  • At Lasalle County Jail, inmates can make calls, but they can’t get calls.
  • We listen to and record all calls, except for talks with their lawyer.
  • Inmates can make collect calls or use money from their accounts to pay.
  • Usually, they can’t make calls to other countries.

Inmate Mail

Letters and messages can be a lifeline for inmates, helping them stay connected with the outside world and keep their mental well-being in check.

  • All mail should be addressed in the following format:

[Inmate’s Full Name]
[Inmate’s Booking Number]
Lasalle County Jail
707 E Etna Road
Ottawa, IL 61350

  • Letters should not contain any contraband items or content that could jeopardize the safety and security of the jail.


Sending Money to Inmates

Inmates need money to buy things, make calls, or pay for other services in jail. Here’s how you can send them money and the rules that go with it.

  • Online: Many jails use services like JPay or Access Corrections. These let you send money right to the inmate’s account.
  • Mail: You can mail a money order to the jail. Write “Lasalle County Jail,” the inmate’s name, and the booking number on the memo line.
  • In-person: Some jails have machines in the lobby. You can use them to put money into the inmate’s account.

Lasalle Inmate Search Sheriff’s Department

Lasalle county sheriff’s office

707 E Etna Road
Ottawa, IL 61350

Official Phone Number: (815) 433-2161

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