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Nassau County Inmate Search is a service provided by the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office in New York state. It allows you to look up information about people who are currently incarcerated in the Nassau County Jail And Detention Center.

Nassau County Jail – General Information

Jail NameNassau County Jail
Jail TypeCounty Jail
Location77151 Citizens Circle, Yulee, FL 32097
Contact Numbers(855) 725-2630
Postal Code32097
CountyNassau County

Nassau County Inmate Jail Roster Search

The process of locating and obtaining information about inmates in the Volusia County Jail is streamlined through an online system. To conduct an inmate search, follow the steps below.

Here are the steps on how to use Nassau County Inmate Search:

Visiting an Inmate at Nassau County Jail

Visiting is important in the jail system. It lets people in jail stay connected with their family and friends, which is good for their well-being and recovery. To have a good visit at Nassau County Correctional Center, it’s important to know the rules and when you can visit.

To set up a visit with someone in jail, just follow these steps:

  • Schedule in Advance: Book your visit online ahead of time. You need approval, so make sure to do it at least 24 hours but no more than 5 days before.
  • Approval Process: All visitors go through a security check. They look at your background and how you’re connected to the inmate to ensure safety.
  • Double-check the Schedule: Once approved, confirm the date and time of your visit. This avoids any mix-ups or issues with timing.

Rules and Regulations for Visits:

  • Double-check the Schedule: Once approved, confirm the date and time of your visit. This avoids any mix-ups or issues with timing.
  • Dress Code: Wear the right clothes. No inappropriate stuff, or they won’t let you in.
  • Bring ID: Have a valid ID with your picture on it. They need it for safety reasons.
  • Behave Well: Follow the rules and listen to the staff. If you act up, they might end your visit or stop you from visiting again.
  • No Forbidden Stuff: Don’t bring anything illegal, like weapons or drugs. Also, leave your electronic gadgets outside.

Nassau County Inmate Search Visiting Hours

  • Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday: There are two sessions available – from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM and 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM.
  • Thursday & Friday: Two sessions are available as well – from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM and 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

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Inmate Communications

The importance of staying connected is recognized for both inmates and their loved ones. Nassau County Jail makes this possible mainly through its inmate call system.

Inmate Call System and Associated Regulations

People in Nassau County Correctional Center can talk to their friends and family through a system called GTL Connect Network (also known as Viapath Technologies). There are different ways to use this service:

  • Advance Pay: Inmates can make calls whenever they want by using prepaid credits. You get notifications when the credits are running low.
  • Pin Debit: You can put money into an inmate’s account, and they can use it to pay for calls to different people.
  • Voicemail: You can leave a secure voicemail for an inmate without having to contact the jail directly.

Using these services has some rules. Calls may be monitored, except for legal ones, and there are restrictions to keep things safe and proper. To create an account or learn more, visit GTL Connect Network or call the facility for help.

Inmate Mail

Inmates at Nassau County Jail have the right to get letters, which is important for their well-being. But there are rules to follow when sending mail to make sure the facility and its residents stay safe.

Process of Sending Mail to an Inmate:

  • Sending Mail: You can only send letters to inmates through the United States Postal Service. We don’t accept courier services or hand deliveries to keep things secure and manageable.
  • How to Address the Mail: Write the inmate’s full name, booking number, and the jail’s mailing address. This helps us sort and deliver the mail correctly. Address your letter like this: Nassau County Jail, 100 Carman Ave, East Meadow, NY 11554, USA.

Sending Money to Inmates

Supporting inmates with money is vital for their well-being. It allows them to buy necessities, make phone calls, And cover important expenses, keeping them connected to the outside world.

  • In-Person Visit: Bring cash or a Postal Money Order to the jail during a visit. The staff will handle the payment.
  • By Mail: If you can’t visit, send a Money Order from the US Post Office, a bank, or Western Union. Make it out to the inmate’s name with their CC# in the memo. Call 516-572-4200 to confirm the CC# before mailing. Send it to Inmate’s Name, ID#, Nassau County Correctional Center, 100 Carmen Avenue, East Meadow NY 11554.
  • Online: It’s a secure way for those who can’t visit in person or prefer online transactions. This helps inmates get what they need and stay in touch with loved ones.

Nassau Inmate Search Sheriff’s Department

Main Sheriff’s Department:

77151 Citizens Circle,
Yulee, FL 32097

Toll-Free: (855) 725-2630

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