Newaygo County Jail Inmate Search By Name – 2024

Newaygo County Jail Inmate Search in White Cloud, Michigan, is a jail for adults who have broken the law. It’s not super high-security, but it’s not too relaxed either. People stay here while they’re waiting for their trial or punishment, or if they’re already serving time. The Sheriff’s Office runs the jail, and it can hold about 220 people.

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Newaygo County Jail – General Information

Jail NameNewaygo County Jail
Jail TypeCounty Jail
Location1035 E James Street, PO Box 845, White Cloud, MI 49349
Contact Numbers(231) 689-7024
Postal Code49349
CountyNewaygo County

Newaygo County Inmate Jail Roster Search

Finding information about people held in the detention center follows a step-by-step process. Here’s how to search for an inmate:

  • Go to the Newaygo County Sheriff’s official website.
  • Contact the Facility: If you can’t find the inmate online, call the jail directly at (231) 689-7024. Give them the inmate’s full name and date of birth to speed up the search.
  • Try Third-Party Websites: Some other websites can help you find inmates. But make sure the website is trustworthy before using it.

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Visiting an Inmate at Newaygo County Jail

Newaygo County Jail lets people visit inmates, but you have to follow some rules to keep everyone safe.

How to Arrange a Visit:

  • Call the jail at (231) 689-7024 to schedule your visit beforehand. Have the inmate’s full name and booking number ready.
  • Bring a photo ID like a driver’s license, state ID, or passport when you visit.
  • Get to the jail at least 15 minutes early to check in.

Rules for Visits:

  • Dress modestly; don’t wear revealing or offensive clothes.
  • Don’t bring personal stuff like phones or bags into the visit area.
  • Be polite during your visit; if you cause trouble, they might end it early.
  • Kids can come too, but they need to be with an adult the whole time.

Inmate Call

At Newaygo County Jail, inmates can use phones to talk to their family, friends, and lawyers.

Phone Rules for Inmates:

  • Calling Times: Inmates can only make calls at certain times of the day, and it might be different depending on where they’re staying in the jail.
  • Collect Calls: Inmates can make collect calls, but make sure your phone service lets you accept these calls from the jail.
  • Prepaid Accounts: Instead of collect calls, friends or family can set up a prepaid account with the jail’s phone service. This lets inmates call even if they don’t have money.
  • Call Monitoring: Remember, all calls, except those to lawyers, are recorded and listened to for safety reasons.

Inmate Mail

  • Write your letter and put it in an envelope: Don’t include anything illegal, like drugs or weapons, or anything inappropriate.
  • Address the Envelope: Write the inmate’s full name and ID number on the envelope like this:

[Inmate’s Full Name, Inmate ID Number]
Newaygo County Jail
1035 E James Street, PO Box 845
White Cloud, MI 49349

  • Mail it: Send your letter through your regular postal service. Make sure your return address is easy to see on the envelope.

Sending Money to Inmates

Inmates might need money to buy stuff from the jail store, call people, or pay for other things. Here’s how you can send them money:

  • Online: Use a credit or debit card to deposit money online through the jail’s website. Look for the link on the official Newaygo County Jail website.
  • Mail: Send a money order through the mail. Make it payable to Newaygo County Jail and write the inmate’s name and ID number on it.
  • In Person: You might be able to deposit money in cash or with a card at a kiosk in the jail lobby.

Newaygo County Sheriff’s Department

Official Address:
1035 E James Street, PO Box 845
White Cloud, MI 49349

Official Phone Number: (231) 689-7024

Phone: (231) 689-7303
Fax: (231) 689-7273

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