Ripley County Inmate Search By Name – 2024

Ripley County Inmate Search is a service provided by the Ripley County Sheriff’s Office or the local correctional facility in Ripley County, Indiana, USA. It allows individuals to search for information about inmates who are currently detained in the county jail.

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Ripley County Jail – General Information

Jail NameRipley County Jail
Jail TypeCounty Jail
Location210 N. Monroe Street Versailles, IN 47042
Contact Numbers812-689-5558
Postal Code47042
CountyRipley County

Ripley County Inmate Jail Roster Search

Here’s how to find an inmate in Ripley County:

  • Go to the Ripley County Sheriff’s Office website.
  • Look for a section called “Inmate Lookup” or “Jail Division” – this might be under “Departments” or “Services”.
  • On that page, you’ll find a search tool. Type in the inmate’s first name, last name, or booking number (if you know it). Typing just a few letters of the first or last name will also work.
  • The website will show you a list of people who match your search.
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Visiting an Inmate at Ripley County Jail

Here’s how to set up a visit to see someone in jail:

  • Check if the person you want to visit is allowed to visit. Some inmates may not be allowed visitors for different reasons.
  • Plan ahead and call the jail to schedule your visit. You’ll need to give the inmate’s name and booking number.
  • Get there early! Aim to arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled visit so you have time for security checks.

Visitor Rules:

  • Show ID at the door
  • Bags and you might be checked
  • Dress modestly (no offensive shirts)
  • Be polite and follow directions

Inmate Call

In Ripley County Jail, IN, inmates can make phone calls in two ways:

  • Collect calls: The person who receives the call pays for the call.
  • Prepaid account: Family or friends can put money into an account for the inmate to use for calls. This way, the family or friends pay for the calls in advance.

Inmate Mail

Mailing Address:

120 N. Indiana Street
Versailles, IN 47042

Sending Money to an Inmate

There are three ways to send money to an inmate:

  • Online: This is the fastest and easiest way. You can use a credit or debit card to add money to the inmate’s account through a website approved by the jail. You’ll find the website address on the jail’s official website.
  • Money Order: Some jails allow you to send money by mail using a money order. Make sure to find out from the jail exactly how to do this.
  • Kiosk: Some jails have kiosks in the lobby where you can deposit cash or use a card to add money to the inmate’s account.

Ripley County Sheriffs Department

  • Sheriff’s Office: 210 N. Monroe Street Versailles, IN 47042
  • Phone: 812-689-5558 or 812-689-5555 (24 hours)
  • Fax: 812-689-1307
  • Ripley County Courthouse: 115 N. Main Street, Versailles, IN 47042
  • Ripley County Annex: 102 W. First North Street, Versailles, IN 47042

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