Teller County Inmate Search By Name – 2024

Teller County Inmate Search is a tool offered By Teller County, Colorado. It helps people find out About folks locked up in Teller County Jail. You can use it to search for inmates by their name or booking number. It gives you info like whether they’re still in jail, what they’re charged with, and when they were booked.

Tulare County Inmate Search

Teller County Jail – General Information

Jail NameTeller County Jail
Jail TypeCounty Jail
LocationP.O. Box 959, 112 North A Street, Cripple Creek, CO 80813
Contact Numbers(719) 687-7770
Postal Code80813
CountyTeller County
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Teller County Inmate Jail Roster Search

Here’s a simpler version:

  • Go to the Teller County Inmate Search website.
  • Click Jail Inmate search.
  • Fill in some info like the person’s last name or birthdate to find them.
  • Click the ‘Search‘ button to start looking.
  • Check the results. If the person is in jail, you’ll see their info.
  • Click on their name to see when they might get out and what they’re charged with.
Teller County Inmate Jail Roster Search

The Teller County Jail keeps a list of people in jail. This list shows:

  • An ID number for each person, like a code name.
  • Their full name.
  • Their birthday.
  • When they might be released, but this could change.
  • Why they are in jail, including any crimes they are accused of.

Visiting an Inmate at Teller County Jail

Here’s the procedure for arranging a visit:

  • Get on the list: The inmate you want to visit needs to add you to their visitor list. This list is then checked and approved by the jail.
  • Schedule a visit: Once you’re approved, you can call the jail or use their website to schedule a specific time for your visit.
  • Bring ID: When you go for the visit, don’t forget to take a valid ID with you.

Here are the simple rules for visiting:

  • Dress modestly.
  • Expect a security check.
  • Leave your stuff behind.
  • Be well-behaved.

Teller County Inmate Search Visiting Hours

  • Home Video Visitation

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday
7 am to 11 pm
7 am to 12:30 pm and 3:30 pm to 11 pm
Saturday and Sunday
7 am to 12:30 pm, 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm, and 9:30 pm to 11 pm

  • Lobby Visitation

7 pm to 9 pm
Saturday and Sunday
1 pm to 3 pm and 7 pm to 9 pm

Inmate Communications

Prisoners at the Teller County Jail can talk to people outside the jail by using a special phone. Jail authorities monitor the phone system to ensure the facility’s safety. This way, inmates can stay in touch with their loved ones while the jail remains secure.

Inmate Call

  • The Teller County Jail’s main number is (719) 687-7770. Call here to ask about inmates, but you can’t talk to them directly.
  • Inmates can make calls by collecting calls (the receiver pays) or using a prepaid account the family can add money online. We may record your calls. 

Inmate Mail

Here’s how you send a letter to someone in jail:

[Inmate’s full name and booking number.
Add the jail’s address under their name.
P.O. Box 959, 112 North A,
Street, Cripple Creek, CO 80813]

  • Ensure you don’t send them anything prohibited.
  • Send the letter through the regular mail using the post office.

Sending Money to an Inmate

Here are ways to send money to someone in jail:

  • Online deposit: You can use the Teller County Inmate Commissary Deposits website to put money in your account directly.
  • Mail a money order: Get a money order, write the inmate’s full name and booking number on it, and mail it to the jail addressed to the inmate.
  • Deposit at the jail kiosk: If you visit the jail, you can use their machine to add cash or use a credit card to put money in the inmate’s account.

Teller County Sheriff’s Department

Address: P.O. Box 959, 112 North A Street, Cripple Creek, CO 80813
Phone Number: (719) 687-7770

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