Ramsey County Inmate Search By Name – 2024

Ramsey County Inmate Search is a tool offered by the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office in Minnesota, USA. It lets people find out About inmates staying in the Ramsey County Jail. You can look up inmates by their name, booking number, or other details.

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Ramsey County Jail – General Information

Jail NameRamsey County Jail
Jail TypeCounty Jail
Location425 Grove St., Saint Paul, MN 55101
Contact Numbers651-266-9350
Postal Code55101
CountyRamsey County
Official Websitewww.ramseycounty.us/

Ramsey County Inmate Jail Roster Search

Here are the steps for finding an inmate in Ramsey County Jail more simply:

  • Go to the Ramsey County Jail website for inmate search.
  • In the search bar, type the inmate’s First Name, and Last Name.
  • Click “Search“.
  • If the inmate is there, you will see their information like name, birthday, charges, and when they are expected to be released.
Ramsey County Inmate Jail Roster Search

The jail list tells you about people in jail. Here’s what it shows:

  • A special ID number for each person
  • Their full name
  • Their birthday
  • When they’re expected to be released (this could change)
  • What they’re accused of
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Visiting an Inmate at Ramsey County Jail

Here’s a simpler way to understand the procedure for arranging a visit:

  • Visiting hours for inmates depend on which part of the jail they live in.pen_sparkcircle
  • Talk to the inmate or the jail administration to get this information.
  • Book your visit: Once you know their visiting hours, you can schedule a visit online on the Ramsey County Jail visitation webpage.
  • Arrive early: Get to the jail 15 minutes before your visit time so you have enough time to check-in.

What you need to know before you visit:

  • ID check: Everyone coming to visit needs to show a valid ID at the entrance.
  • Searches: Don’t worry, it’s a routine check to keep everyone safe.
  • Things you can’t bring: Leave your phone, camera, and other electronics at home.
  • Be polite: Treat everyone with respect during your visit.
  • What to wear: There are some rules about what you can wear. Check with the Ramsey County Jail beforehand to see what’s okay.

Inmate Communications

It’s really important to keep talking to people locked up in Ramsey County Jail because it helps them feel better and stay positive. Let me tell you how you can call them and the rules you need to follow.

Inmate Call

In jail, inmates can only make calls where the receiver pays for the call. This is called a collect call. To avoid you having to pay, you can set up a prepaid account with the jail’s phone service. All calls are listened to and recorded for security reasons.

Inmates can make calls for about 15 minutes, but they’re unable to dial certain numbers such as toll-free, emergency, or international numbers.

Inmate Mail

Sending Mail to Someone in Jail:

  • First, write the inmate’s name and booking number on the envelope so it goes to the right person.

Then, write the address like this:
Ramsey County Jail
[Inmate’s Full Name and Booking Number]
425 Grove Street
Saint Paul, MN 55101

  • Finally, put your letter in the envelope, stick on a stamp, and send it through the regular mail service.

Sending Money to an Inmate

Here’s how you can send money to jail:

  • Online: Go to the jail’s website and use their approved money transfer service.
  • By mail: Send a money order directly to the jail. Make sure to write the inmate’s full name and ID number on the money order.

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Ramsey County Sheriff’s Department

Address: 425 Grove St., Saint Paul, MN 55101
Phone Number: 651-266-9350

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